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Members of BTS renew contracts with Big Hit Music until 2025

The seven-members of the South Korean boyband BTS are renewing their contracts under Big Hit Music, the group’s longtime label.  According to a statement shared by Big Hit’s parent company HYBE, while some of BTS’s members have enlisted in government-mandated military service, Big Hit Music ensured fans that the band will continue to work with the Big Hit “on their future releases from 2025 onwards,”

The statement continued: “BigHit Music will take into consideration the military service status of some of the members and plans to sign with each BTS member sequentially. The members who are currently serving in the military will have completed their military duty by the start of the renewed exclusive contract period in 2025.”

BTS announced last summer they were going on hiatus, with some members completing their service and others pursuing solo careers. All seven members of the band have entered the Billboard charts as solo artists, the latest being V, whose solo six-track album “Layover” scored at No. 2 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart.  Suga became the third member of BTS to begin his compulsory military service, following Jin who signed up in December and J-Hope, who enlisted in April.

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