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“Remember Her Name”: Mickey Guyton spotlights courage, resilience in her just-released album title track

Mickey Guyton turns the spotlight on another aspect of her story — and champions her fans' stories, too — in “Remember Her Name,” the title track of her upcoming new album.

The track is a message of perseverance and strength. “Remember the fire / Remember her face / She felt the storm and danced out in the pouring rain,” Mickey sings in the soaring chorus. “Remember her laughing / Through all the pain / Remember the girl that didn't let anything get in her way / Remember her name…”

“This song means so so much to me,” the singer wrote on social media. “I still remember the feeling of writing it, recording it, and now the excitement (and nervousness) that it is finally out into the world. Not only does the song represent my journey, but I hope the message reflects yours as well. This is our story.”

Earlier this summer, Mickey told CMT that “Remember Her Name” was also inspired by Breonna Taylor, the Louisville, Kentucky Black woman who was shot and killed by police officers in her home in March 2020 as she slept in her bed. 

“When I was thinking about…Breonna Taylor, and seeing inaction regarding her murder, I thought, I need to bring justice to her life,'” Mickey explained. “…The frustration that I've felt as an African-American has been a part of my process for a while. So the song, and album, are dedicated to Breonna Taylor and giving her the justice that she deserves.”

“Remember Her Name” is one of 16 tracks on Mickey's upcoming album, which is due out in full September 24. Also included on the track list are songs including “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” and “Black Like Me.” 

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