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Ashley McBryde on giving herself time to decompress and “absorb that much love” from fans + peers

For Ashley McBryde, taking in the support she’s received from her peers and fans is a gradual process.

The singer, who recently released her new album, The Devil I Know, says being showered with an “overwhelming” amount of love can be difficult at times.

“It's hard to process that much love coming at you at one time, especially when you're in an industry that requires a lot of competitiveness and a lot of comparison and things like that where you have to prove yourself all the time and earn your spot all the time,” shares Ashley.

“And then with something like this, you release a record, everybody's been dying for it and they go, ‘We love it.’ You kind of go, ‘Oh, I'm unsure how to feel in this moment,'” she says.

So instead of being overwhelmed or shutting out those affirmations, Ashley’s learned that there’s beauty in giving herself grace as she slowly soaks up those positive words. 

“You just give yourself a little bit of time to decompress and feel [and] absorb that much love. It takes a minute,” says Ashley.

Ashley is currently approaching the top 20 of the country charts with “Light on in the Kitchen.”

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